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Class Schedules

Class Choice is now open for students to make course requests for the 2020-2021 school year. 



Click the image below to access Class Choice. 

Class Choice



Class requests will be available through Monday, March 30th.  


Your log in is your 4x4 (first 4 letters of last name and first 4 letters of first name) and password is your student ID number. If your log in doesn't work, please access Class Choice through Unified Classroom via Quick Links tab.


Please access our Class Choice Instructions if you need assistance logging into Class Choice. 




Students will be selecting classes for the 2020-2021 school year on the following dates:

*Please note these dates are for students only and will take place during their regularly scheduled classes. Parents are able to assist students via Class Choice at home.


*All incoming Freshman will need to log into Class Choice from home to enter their class selections due to school being cancelled for COVID-19.

Grade Date Location Time
8th Grade (Future 9th)


9th Grade (Future 10th) March 9, 2020 Lecture Hall During English Classes
10th Grade (Future 11th) March 10, 2020 Lecture Hall During English Classes 
11th Grade (Future 12th) March 11, 2020 Lecture Hall During English & History


Thunder Ridge has a wide variety of classes available to our students. We want to ensure we are able to meet all students academic needs and help them on their path to post secondary education. The worksheets below show students what classes are available based on their grade.  Please note that we do allow accommodations based on individual student needs and our counseling department is happy to assist with this process.  


9th Grade Course Request Information Sheet

9th Grade Course Worksheet

10th Grade Course Request Information Sheet

10th Grade Course Worksheet

11th Grade Course Request Information Sheet

11th Grade Course Worksheet

12th Grade Course Request Information Sheet

12th Grade Course Worksheet



Please direct any questions to the counseling office at 208-525-4475. 



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