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Child Nutrition Contacts

Heather Plain, SNS - Child Nutrition Director - 227- 9671

E-Mail Heather Plain

Heather is the Administrator of the Child Nutrition program.  She makes sure the department meets all federal regulations concerning the federal subsidies and reimbursements, as well as adhering to the national regulations concerning nutrition. She is responsible for coordinating and properly marketing Child Nutrition with the rest of the school district. Heather is also responsible for maintaining the financial independence of the Child Nutrition department.   She supervises all Child Nutrition employees in the district.


Shannon Fullmer, SNS - Child Nutrition Clerk-Special Projects - 227- 9670

E-Mail Shannon Fullmer

Shannon is the Child Nutrition clerk responsible for all of the special projects done through out the school year.   She takes care of all grant paperwork, planning for caterings and all those special projects that come up during the school year.



Mary Holmberg, SNS - Child Nutrition Clerk-Free and Reduced  - 227- 9672

E-Mail Mary Holmberg

Mary is the Child Nutrition Clerk in charge of the Free and Reduced meal program.  She is responsible for making sure this program meets all Federal and State guidelines.


Denise Hope - Child Nutrition Clerk-Menu Planner- 227- 9674

E-Mail Denise Hope

Denise is the Child Nutrition Clerk in charge of menu planning.  She is responsible for making sure this program meets the Federal and State guidelines for child nutrition.  Denise is also responsible for planning the summer meal program.



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