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Business Operations

Guy Wangsgard
Guy Wangsgard
Guy Wangsgard - Chief Financial/Operations Officer - Ext 6803
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Guy is responsible for overseeing all financial activities of the District. In addition he oversees Maintenance and Operations which includes transportation, Food Services, Plant Facilities and Purchasing and the Energy Education program. Guy is also responsible for employee insurance and wellness programs. Guy participates in the Bonneville Education Foundation.

Christy Blaylock
Christy Blaylock - Accounts Payable - Ext 6809
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Christy is responsible for computer entry for fiscal accounting, tracking and maintaining all requisitions and purchase orders. She is responsible for processing invoices for payment, issuing checks, reviewing vendor statements and maintains all accounts payable files. Christy prepares and distributes the annual 1099 tax statements. She trains administrators and bookkeepers on the accounting software and assists with accounting questions and problems.




Kristine Buttars

Kristine Buttars - Payroll - Ext 6805
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Kristine processes and enters all timecards monthly for payroll. She enters all certified and administrative contracts for payments. Kristine is responsible for the preparation and accuracy of over 1300 employees’ monthly paychecks.  Kristine prepares and remits monthly and quarterly reports and payments that pertain to payroll. She prepares and distributes the annual W-2 tax statements.
Ap 5th Annual Honor Role Recipient
3497 N Ammon Road
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Phone: 208-525-4400

Fax: 208-529-0104