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Driver Education

Welcome to District 93 Driver’s Education!  We are excited to be a part of you and your student’s experience as they take this important step in their lives.  We hope to give students the practical knowledge and experience they need to start down the road to being  safe and responsible drivers.

When is my child eligible to take driver’s education?

A student must be 14 years 6 months old to be eligible for enrollment into the course, and at least 15 years old to obtain their driver’s license.   The student must be enrolled in public education, whether the high schools, charter school, or home schooled (legal documentation will be required when obtaining a permit).  Student enrolled in public education must maintain acceptable attendance to be eligible to remain in a driver’s education class.  Suspension from school while enrolled in driver’s education class may result in failure in the class. 

How often are courses offered?

We typically offer three sessions of driver’s education at Hillcrest, Bonneville and Thunder Ridge per year.  The fall session usually starts around the first week of September and lasts until mid-November.  The spring session usually begins mid-February and goes through the end of April.  The summer session usually begins the first part of May and finishes near the end of June.

When are the classes and drives held? 

In District 93, the driver education program is conducted completely outside of the regular school day.  It is not offered as an elective class for which the students can receive credit towards graduation.  The classes and drives are conducted either before or after school and on Saturdays, and the course usually lasts 8-10 weeks.  According to Idaho State law, all students are required to have a minimum of 30 classroom hours, 6 behind-the-wheel hours, and 6 observation hours.  Our classes are designed to meet these criteria. 

How much does it cost?

The Bonneville district fee for the course is $250 which is used for gas, vehicle maintenance, insurance, etc.  Bonneville County charges $21.50 for the learner’s permit.  The district fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and must be paid in full by the first day the class begins or the student will be dropped from the class.

How do I enroll my child in the program?

If you are interested in enrolling, please fill out the application form and submit it.

Completion of this form does NOT automatically enroll your child in a driver’s education class; rather it is to notify the instructors that you are possibly interested in the next available slot in the next available class.  The forms are kept on file in order of date received (we keep them on file in order of the date the application was received).  When an instructor is ready to begin a class, he will contact the parents by telephone or e-mail to verify with the parents that they want to enroll the student in the upcoming class.  Declining an available spot does not move the student to the end of the list—they are simply kept on file in order of date received.  The instructor will hold a Parent Meeting approximately one week prior to the class beginning to review the tentative course schedule, payment of the district fee, and how to obtain a learner’s permit.

How do I obtain a learner’s permit?

Instructions on obtaining a permit for your student will be given to you at the Parent Meeting.   However, please be aware that to obtain a permit the parents will be required to have the following information and documentation:

  •  Original birth certificate
  •  Social Security number
  •  Acceptable photo identification (for both legal parent and student)
  •  A liability signer (must be a legal parent or guardian)
  •  Verification of school enrollment. 

Please feel free to contact any of the driver’s education instructors with questions you may have.


Dave Austin – Hillcrest High School (district coordinator)

Josh Maurer - Thunder Ridge High School

Dave Austin -- Bonneville High School