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Lincoln High School Handbook


  • Lincoln High School

    Helping Students discover their strengths and overcome adversity.  

    Meeting students where they are and helping them see their potential.


    • Student needs come first.
    • All individuals will learn and meet high expectations.
    • Quality educators make the difference.
    • Emotional and physical safety are essential.
    • We value and treat everyone in the school community with dignity and respect.
    • We welcome parents are partners in the education of their children.
    • We value the community as a contributor to our success.


    Lincoln High School
    3175 E. Lincoln Road Idaho Falls, ID 83401
    Phone: 208-525-4445

    Lance Miller, Principal 
    Matthew McKnight, Counselor

  • Welcome to Lincoln High School!

    Lincoln High School is an alternative high school designed to meet the needs of students who have struggled to find success in the traditional high school setting. The school year is divided into six tracks. Each track is approximately six weeks in length. There are three (3) classes each track and each class period is 1.25 hours long. This allows students to earn two credits every track and 18 credits in a school year.

    Prospective students must meet at least three (3) of the following eligibility requirements to attend Lincoln High School:

    An At-Risk youth is any secondary student grade seven through twelve (7-12) who meets any three (3) of the following criteria in column A, or any one (1) criteria in column B.


    1 Has repeated at least one (1) grade
    2 Has absenteeism that is greater than 10 percent (10%) during the preceding semester
    3 Has an overall grade point average that is less than 1.5 (4.0 scale) prior to enrolling in an alternative secondary program
    4 Has failed one (1) or more academic subjects in the past year.
    5 Is below proficient, based on local criteria and/or standardized tests.
    6 Is two (2) or more semester credits per year behind the rate required to graduate.
    7 Has attended three or more schools within the previous two years not including dual enrollment.


    1 Has documented or pattern of substance abuse
    2 Is pregnant or a parent
    3 Is an emancipated youth or unaccompanied youth.
    4 Is a previous dropout.
    5 Has serious personal, emotional, or medical problems.
    6 Is a court or agency referral.
    7 Demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to their academic progress.
  • School Hours

    Regular Day

    7:30am-7:55am Breakfast
    8:00am-10:02am Period 1
    10:07am-12:09pm Period 2
    12:09pm-12:39pm Lunch
    12:44 pm-2:45 pm Period 3

    Wednesday Advisory Schedule

    7:30am-7:55am Breakfast
    8:00am-9:50am Period 1
    9:55am-10:25am Advisory
    10:30am-12:20pm Period 2
    12:20pm-12:50pm Lunch
    12:55pm-2:45pm Period 3
  • Students at Lincoln High School are expected to abide by a strict code of conduct as contained in the School Policy and the Bonneville School District Student Code of Conduct. The rules apply to all classroom and school activities.  Disregarding any of the rules or procedures will result in a disciplinary referral to the administration. Violation of any policy may result in dismissal from Lincoln High School for either a specific period of time or for the remainder of the school year.

    Lincoln High School Referrals

    • Referrals may be given for any violation of LHS policies or the Bonneville Joint School District 93 Student Code of Conduct.
    • Students may be suspended from school upon receiving any referral dependent upon the nature of the disciplinary referral.
    • Students will be suspended from school upon receiving a third disciplinary referral in a Track.
    • All class time missed due to a suspension from school will need to be made up as outlined in the attendance policy.

    If a student is going to be absent, the school must be notified on the day of the absence.  A parent or guardian must call the school to verify the absence.  Students may not have more than 20% absenteeism (6 Absences) in a Track. Upon the 7th absence, the student will be removed from the courses they are enrolled in and will have the opportunity to enroll in IDLA credit recovery courses at home in order to make up the credit.  Students must be in attendance and on time the first day and last day of the Track unless prior arrangements have been made with the administration.

    Before going to class, students need to go to the office and pick up a tardy slip.   Excessive tardies, (6 or more) will result in suspension from school for disrupting the educational process.

    Cell Phone Use
    Texting during class is not allowed! Cell phone use is not allowed in the classroom without teacher permission. Teachers may require students to turn their cell phones in at the beginning of the class period. Cell phones will be returned at the end of class that day.

    No illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, pornographic materials or other unacceptable materials are allowed on campus.

    Clothing must meet acceptable standards as outlined in the school policy and the Student Code of Conduct.

    Driving to school is a privilege not a right. Failure to follow the policy outlined for the parking lot may result in the student losing the privilege of driving to school.

    Tobacco Products/Vaping Products
    Students may not have any tobacco products on campus. Pursuant to Federal law, the use, possession, concealment, delivery, or distribution of any nicotine innovations is prohibited. Possession by a minor is illegal and will be referred to legal authorities.

    Visitors must check in with the office upon arrival on school grounds and receive a visitor’s pass. Visitors who do not check in through the office may be cited for trespassing.  A student who has been dropped from Lincoln High School may not be on school grounds at any time.

  • eCenter

    The eCenter is a versatile online learning classroom on the Lincoln High School campus.  It is built to serve individual students with various needs and is designed to help them earn credits at their own pace and progress towards earning a high school diploma.  The eCenter classroom has 24 computers, is available for each of the three (3) class periods each track, and is staffed with adults that can assist the students in completing their courses.

    Phoenix Advisory Groups

    Lincoln High School has a mandatory advisory class that every student who attends LHS must take.  The goals of the advisory class are to 1) build student/teacher relationships; 2) increase the retention and graduation rates; 3) teach career skills that will help students with life after high school; and 4) help advise students at Lincoln.  If a student does not want to be part of the advisory class, then Lincoln High School is probably not the right place for you.

  • State of Idaho Graduation Requirements

    To receive a high school diploma of graduation, a student must complete a minimum number of credits as determined by the Idaho State Board of Education. The number of credits required for each subject area is listed below:

    Subject Credits Needed
    English – 2 for each grade level 8
    Mathematics – 2 Algebra, 2 Geometry, 2 Student Choice 6
    Science – 2 Biology, 2 Physical Science, 2 Student Choice 6
    U.S. History 2
    A2merican Government 2
    Economics 1
    Humanities 2
    Health 1
    Speech 1
    Electives 16
    Senior Project 1
    Total Credits 46

    Other requirements for graduation: ISAT English/Language, Math and End of Course Science must be taken. College Entrance Exam – ACT or SAT. Civics Assessment must be passed with a 60% or higher.

  • Idaho College Admission Standards

    Below are the minimum required standards for admission to public colleges and universities in Idaho. Students must submit scores from the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT) before enrolling with these schools. Further, the applicant must be a graduate from a nationally accredited high school. All five high schools within the Bonneville School District are nationally accredited. Check with the guidance counselor at your school to receive additional requirements for individual colleges or universities.

    English – 8 credits

    • The district requires the same for graduation.

    Math – 6 credits

    • Math credits may be obtained through a variety of courses. These courses include, but are not limited to Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

    Humanities/Foreign Language – 2 credits

    • Credits that fulfill humanities can come from a wide diversity of courses. Students should check with the guidance counselor at their school to ensure which courses will count towards fulfillment of the humanities credits.

    Social Sciences – 5 credits

    • The district requirements satisfy this college standard.

    Natural Sciences – 6 credits

    • At least two (2) credits must involve laboratory science experience. It is advised that students who are continuing on to college pursue two more credits.

    Other – 3 credits

    • Speech or Debate
    • Studio/Performing Arts (Arts, Dance, Drama, and Music) Advanced Foreign Language study
    • Most Professional-Technical Education courses

    Individual colleges and universities may have additional requirements. Contact the admissions office at the institution you are interested in for more information.

  • Technical College Admission Standards

    Idaho’s Technical College system offers applied technology programs in all six regions of the state. These programs are available at the following locations:

    • College of Western Idaho, Nampa
    • Professional/Technical Division, College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls
    • Eastern Idaho Technical College, Idaho Falls
    • College of Technology, Idaho State University, Pocatello
    • School of Technology, Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston
    • School of Applied Technology, North Idaho College, Coeur d'Alene BYU/Idaho also offers programs in applied technology 

    Regular admission leading to an AAS degree or certificate requires the following standards:

    High School Diploma: with at least a 2.0 GPA

    Placement Exam: ACT or SAT

    Mathematics:  4 credits: from courses such as Algebra I, Geometry, Applied Math 1 and 2, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Discrete Math, Statistics, Calculus or other higher level math courses.  
    Recommended:  6 credits for those seeking admission to technical programs

    Science:  6 credits: including at least two (2) credits of laboratory science from challenging science courses.  
    Recommended:  6 credits for those seeking admission to technical programs

    English:  8 credits: two (2) credits of Applied English in the Workplace may be counted for English credit. 

    Other: Professional-Technical courses, including tech prep sequences and organized work- based learning experiences connected to the school-based curriculum, are strongly recommended. Work-Release time not connected to the school-based curriculum will not apply to the requirement.

  • Non-Discrimination Statement

    The Board of Education is committed to policy of non‐discrimination in relation to race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, and other human differences. This policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff, students, the public, educational programs and employment practices.

    It is the policy of the Board of Education not to discriminate against any otherwise qualified individual with a disability solely by reason of his/her disability, in admission to, or treatment of employment in any program or activity.

    It is the intent of the district to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are identified, evaluated and provided with appropriate educational services. Students may be disabled under this policy even though they do not require services pursuant to the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA). Due process rights of students with disabilities and their parents under Section 504 will be enforced.


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