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Bonneville Online High School Handbook


  • This Handbook will provide information to help you make decisions about your academic future both during and beyond your high school career.  This handbook is filled with information concerning course offerings that are challenging and have the potential to open doors of opportunity for you.

    The courses taken throughout your high school career will prepare you to attend a two-year professional/technical program, a college or university, or enable you to be career-ready, depending on the four-year high school plan you set for yourself.  Creating a plan will help you stay focused and chart your course for the future.

    Perhaps you want to get a head start on college!  If you plan on attending a four-year university program, challenge yourself with AP, honors, and dual credit courses.  The District has expanded the dual credit courses to enable students to earn college credit while in high school.  Meet with your school counselor for guidance about the advanced opportunities the State of Idaho provides for students who want to accelerate through high school.  If you plan on attending a two-year professional/technical college, become familiar with the course sequence to enable you to be successful.

    High school is a great time to take a variety of elective courses that will help you find an area of interest you may pursue as a career.  Your counselors are available, throughout the school year, to answer any questions concerning graduation requirements and course offerings throughout the school year. They are a valuable resource for you.

    Take time to review this handbook with your parents, teachers, and school counselor as you prepare to register for classes.  The handbook is periodically updated and can be accessed on the District web site at

    Finally, high school is the time to meet and work with new people.  Get involved in all aspects of your education, including school clubs and organizations, extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics. Have fun, work hard, and you will be successful!

    Jason Lords
    Executive Director of Instruction and Learning

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  • Graduation Requirements

    Full-time students (4-6 online credits/trimester) attending Bonneville Online High School must complete all of the academic and participation requirements in the online learning community in order to graduate from Bonneville Online High School.

    1. Meet all Bonneville Online High School requirements through online participation and attendance
    2. Earn a minimum of 46 credits
    3. Complete the following required courses:
    Subject Credits Needed
    English 10
    Science – Physical & Science, 2 Biology, 2 elective science 6
    Mathematics – Algebra I and Geometry required; 3 years of high school math 7
    Social Studies – US History, Economics, American Government 7
    Humanities – Interdisciplinary humanities, fine arts, or foreign language 2
    Communications 1
    College & Career Prep 1
    Technology & Engineering 1
    Health 1
    Senior Project 1
    Electives 9
    Total Credits 46

    Other requirements for graduation: ISAT English/Language, Math and End of Course Science must be taken. College Entrance Exam – ACT or SAT. Civics Assessment must be passed with a 60% or higher.

  • Non-Discrimination Statement

    The Board of Education is committed to policy of non‐discrimination in relation to race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, and other human differences. This policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff, students, the public, educational programs and employment practices.

    It is the policy of the Board of Education not to discriminate against any otherwise qualified individual with a disability solely by reason of his/her disability, in admission to, or treatment of employment in any program or activity.

    It is the intent of the district to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are identified, evaluated and provided with appropriate educational services. Students may be disabled under this policy even though they do not require services pursuant to the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA). Due process rights of students with disabilities and their parents under Section 504 will be enforced.


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