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D93 News - September 15, 2021

Posted Date: 09/15/2021


D93 News presented by Farm Bureau Federation Bonneville County, September 15, 2021

Our top story this week is the bus crash that happened Monday morning. We are grateful for the cooperation and support of our parents in helping to respond to this situation. While our transportation department has a very safe driving record, accidents can occur. We encourage our community to always drive carefully and to be especially mindful of our school buses.

Superintendent Woolstenhulme talked about the District’s response to the crash during Monday’s D93 Live.

“We handled that by basically dividing and conquering like we typically do in these situations with a highly collaborative approach,” said Superintendent Woolstenhulme. “Heath Jackson, our Executive Director of Planning and Personnel was the closest to the scene and he went out and was onsite there. I went to East Idaho Regional Medical Center to greet the families and to be there for support for those families along with Gordon Howard our Director of Safe Schools. Jason Lords, who is over Instruction and Learning went to Idaho Falls Community Hospital. Guy, Sam, and Phil stayed at the District Office to answer phone calls and to coordinate our communication. Teamwork is one of our key cornerstones of our district and it’s never more important than on days like today when we experience what could have been a tragedy, it was a tragedy with the loss of the driver who collided with our school bus but so grateful that none of our students had any life-threatening injuries and were all released by early afternoon today.”

So many people reached out to offer their support and we appreciate that so much. Here is an email that was sent to me from our neighbors at Idaho Falls School District 91.
On behalf of the Idaho Falls School District, we extend our deepest sympathies to the families and employees of Bonneville School District 93 as they work through the challenges of this morning's traffic accident involving a D93 school bus. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those grieving and suffering. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to provide additional support or assistance during this difficult time. 
Jim Shank, Superintendent
We appreciate the support from them and everyone who reached out to help. 
Careers On Wheels Day is back! All 6th graders from D93 will be attending this event on Friday. Careers on Wheels Day (better known as Cow Day) is a fun and educational time for students. People from businesses and agencies have been invited to share and help expose students to the different careers and jobs available to them in the community. These volunteers will be giving short presentations about their jobs to students. 
This is the first year back for COW Day after a two year hiatus. Two years ago it was cancelled for weather, last year it was cancelled because of COVID-19. 
Today is International Dot Day and they celebrated at Summit Hills 
“Okay, we are celebrating International Dot Day at Summit Hills Elementary,” said Carmen Manges, 3rd Grade Teacher. “It is happening all over the world. We are spending all day doing art projects and getting into the world of dots.”

International Dot Day is celebrated annually in 192 countries and by more than 19 million people.