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Testing Program

The District has a comprehensive student evaluation and testing program. Tests are administered at various grade levels to determine student programs and ability. We have a sophisticated testing program that utilizes standardized normative tests, summative tests and diagnostic tests.

Elementary students will take:

  • ISAT tests in grades 2-5 (Determine proficiency in Math, Reading, Language Arts)
  • IRI Tests in grades K-3 (Determine grade-level proficiency in Reading)
  • Accelerated Reader tests in Reading in grades 1-5
  • Early Reading Literacy Tests as a part of our District's Reading Program in grades 2-5
  • Accelerated Math and Saxon Math testing in various combinations throughout the district's elementary schools
  • NAEP Testing in Grade 4

Secondary Students will take:

  • ISAT Tests in grades 6-9 (Determine proficiency in Math, Reading, Language Arts)
  • 10th Grade ISAT (options exist to take this test twice/year until all parts are passed)
  • Accelerated Reader testing in grades 6-7
  • Accelerated Math testing in grades 6-8
  • NAEP Testing in Grade 8, 12
  • ACT or SAT for college/university entrance during the 12th grade
  • Various End-of-Course Assessments in some classes. We are currently creating ECA's for most secondary courses and will adopt them as they are completed. Eventually we expect students to demonstrate proficiency in courses by successfully completing the course's ECA.

We currently use the results of testing to adjust classroom instruction at all levels, and are training teachers in best practices of instruction informed by assessment. We believe that testing should be a part of learning within the classroom... otherwise it obstructs a student's improvement. Our emphasis for classroom assessment is 'ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING'. We believe that we can help teachers at all levels use assessments to improve classroom instruction. We have arranged additional time for 2003-2004 for teachers to receive appropriate in-service and training that will allow this to happen.