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Riding a Big Yellow Bus Is the Safest Way for Your Kid to Get to School

Due to the growth of our District, the safety of our students is our first priority, and we appreciate your cooperation with the Deviation form procedure.

All parents must come into the Transportation office to fill out a deviation form if a student needs to deviate from their home stop for any reason. We will not approve a deviation form over the phone, it will not be faxed, and the schools will not have a copy. The deviation form will not be approved for: play-dates, sleepovers, piano lessons, and other such activities.

The Transportation Office understands family emergency and we are always willing to help in those circumstances. Please feel free to call and speak with someone before you drive to the office and are denied.

bus stop

  • Please be at your bus stop 5 minutes before your scheduled stop time
  • Dress for the weather
  • Have a reflector or flashlight so the driver can see you waiting in the dark
  • Be safe while waiting for the bus no pushing or shoving
  • Be respectful to others and the bus driver


Student Bussing Information

Login Information
Username: Student ID
Password: Student’s Birthday (format: MMDDYY, example:  January 22, 2015 = 012215)



Bus Safety Rules
Road Closure Flyer
Student Bussing Information
Student School and Bus Lookup



An image of Pamala Cripps

Pamala Cripps

Transportation Manager
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Paul Packer

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La Dawn Fisher

Routing Specialist
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Jacob Bielby

Head Technician
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Dave Ker

Driver Trainer
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Daniel Lewis

Special Needs Manager
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Josh Holverson

Assistant Driver Trainer

District 93 Transportation
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Idaho Falls, ID 83401