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About D93

District Information

Bonneville Joint School District 93 is committed to being a leader of innovation in the classroom. It is our goal to prepare the learners of today for a successful future.

With a student population of approximately 13,500, Bonneville School District is the 5th largest district in Idaho. D93 has 14 elementary schools serving students in K-6, three middle schools serving students in grades 7-8, and five high schools serving students in grades 9-12, including three comprehensive high schools, an alternative high school and a Magnet school, Technical Careers High School. D93 also offers curriculum online for grades K-12 through Bonneville Online.

The Bonneville School District employs over 1,600 people, of whom, nearly 600 are certificated personnel. Our vision statement of "Student Success by Design" symbolizes our commitment to provide the finest educational opportunities for every student and every employee.

In Bonneville Joint School District 93, you can expect:

Devoted teachers who put the education of their students first.

A commitment to using technology and innovation to enrich the learning process in the classroom. 

A strong instructional program that emphasizes the skills of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and reading. The arts, foreign language, physical education, vocational training, and computer education are also provided.

Curriculum that meets and exceeds state and national standards for instruction.

An emphasis on developing study habits that will last a lifetime.

Access to advanced placement and honors classes at the secondary level.

Opportunities to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, such as the fine arts and athletics to encourage students to reach their potential.

Bonneville Joint School District 93 Facts:

The school district was formed through the consolidation of ten smaller districts in 1950.

Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 is located in Bingham and Bonneville Counties, and encompasses a portion of the City of Idaho Falls along with the incorporated cities of Ammon, Iona and Ucon. It also includes the unincorporated county areas to the north, south, and east of Idaho Falls.

Bonneville High School, Hillcrest High School and Technical Careers High School are accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Association, and middle schools and elementary schools meet approved State standards. Accreditation assures standards for class size, qualifications of teachers, school facilities,

D93 has 14 elementary schools serving students in grades PreK-6.

Bonneville Online School provides online schooling at home, serving grades K-8 and 9-12.

D93 has two comprehensive middle schools and an alternative middle school for grades 7-8.

D93 has two comprehensive high schools, a Magnet school, Technical Careers High School and an alternative high school for grades 9-12.

D93’s eCenter offers an online learning high school for both full-time students and those seeking credit acceleration or recovery.

D93 employs over 1,600 people, of whom, nearly 600 are certificated personnel.


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  • Curriculum

    Students are offered a strong instructional program that emphasizes the basic skills of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and reading. The arts, foreign language, physical education, vocational training, and computer education are also provided.

  • Discipline

    A "Code of Student Conduct" for students in kindergarten through the twelfth grade is utilized. The discipline code clearly outlines unacceptable student behaviors and penalties. A copy may be obtained through the District Office.

  • District Facilities

      Phone Fax
    District Office 208-525-4400 208-557-6800
    Transportation 208-525-4412 208-525-4427
    Child Nutrition 208-227-9671 208-227-9675
    Finance 208-525-4400 208-557-6800
    Maintenance 208-227-9661 208-557-6887
    Special Services 208-525-4414 208-525-4487
    Technology 208-525-4493 208-525-5259


    Elementary Schools Phone Fax
    Ammon (K-6) 208-525-4465 208-525-4467
    Bonneville Online (K-8) 208-557-6836 208-227-9876
    Bridgewater (PreK-6) 208-552-5577 208-552-5578
    Cloverdale (PreK-6) 208-525-4450 208-524-0171
    Discovery (K-6) 208-552-7711 208-552-7712
    Fairview (K-6) 208-525-4425 208-525-4426
    Falls Valley (PreK-6) 208-525-4455 208-525-4408
    Hillview (K-6) 208-525-4460 208-525-4461
    Iona (K-6) 208-525-4440 208-525-4240
    Mountain Valley (PreK-6) 208-552-0866 208-552-0514
    Rimrock (K-6) 208-552-4667 208-552-4694
    Summit Hills (K-6) 208-552-8500 208-552-8501
    Tiebreaker (K-6) 208-525-4480 208-525-4482
    Ucon (K-6) 208-525-4430 208-525-4477
    Woodland Hills (K-6) 208-552-4850 208-552-4772


    Middle Schools Phone Fax
    Black Canyon Middle School (7-8) 208-525-4448 208-525-4449
    Praxium Mastery Program (7-8) 208-557-6836 208-227-9876
    Rocky Mountain Middle School (7-8) 208-525-4403 208-525-4469
    Sandcreek Middle School (7-8) 208-525-4416 208-525-4438


    High Schools Phone Fax
    Bonneville High School (9-12) 208-525-4406 208-523-7014
    Bonneville Online High School (9-12) 208-557-6836 208-227-9876
    Lincoln High School (9-12) 208-525-4445 208-525-4446
    Hillcrest High School (9-12) 208-525-4429 208-525-4437
    Technical Careers High School (9-12) 208-525-4433 208-525-4434
    Thunder Ridge High School (9-12) 208-523-4739 208-525-4457
  • School Board

    The School Board consists of five elected trustees, representing zones in the District. School Board members are elected for staggered four-year terms.  

    Regular Meetings of the Board are held at 7:00 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month. Patrons may participate in regular Board meetings through the Patron Input section on the agenda. 

    The Board’s meeting schedule for the year is published online at: 

    Meeting Schedule

    and the public is invited to attend.  Notices of any additional meetings and of any policies adopted and being reviewed are published online at: 


    A list of policies currently under public review can be found at: 

    Policy – Public Review

  • Testing Program

    The District has a comprehensive student evaluation and testing program. Tests are administered at various grade levels to determine student programs and ability. We have a sophisticated testing program that utilizes standardized normative tests, summative tests and diagnostic tests.

    Elementary students will take:

    • ISAT tests in grades 2-5 (Determine proficiency in Math, Reading, Language Arts)
    • IRI Tests in grades K-3 (Determine grade-level proficiency in Reading)
    • Accelerated Reader tests in Reading in grades 1-5
    • Early Reading Literacy Tests as a part of our District's Reading Program in grades 2-5
    • Accelerated Math and Saxon Math testing in various combinations throughout the district's elementary schools
    • NAEP Testing in Grade 4

    Secondary Students will take:

    • ISAT Tests in grades 6-9 (Determine proficiency in Math, Reading, Language Arts)
    • 10th Grade ISAT (options exist to take this test twice/year until all parts are passed)
    • Accelerated Reader testing in grades 6-7
    • Accelerated Math testing in grades 6-8
    • NAEP Testing in Grade 8, 12
    • ACT or SAT for college/university entrance during the 12th grade
    • Various End-of-Course Assessments in some classes. We are currently creating ECA's for most secondary courses and will adopt them as they are completed. Eventually we expect students to demonstrate proficiency in courses by successfully completing the course's ECA.

    We currently use the results of testing to adjust classroom instruction at all levels, and are training teachers in best practices of instruction informed by assessment. We believe that testing should be a part of learning within the classroom... otherwise it obstructs a student's improvement. Our emphasis for classroom assessment is 'ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING'. We believe that we can help teachers at all levels use assessments to improve classroom instruction. We have arranged additional time for 2003-2004 for teachers to receive appropriate in-service and training that will allow this to happen.

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